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I want to give each and every resident a voice in our local government, no exceptions. With the help of the local community and community leaders, I want to create a plan to pull Nassau County out of the affordability crisis we are spiraling into, build programs that ensure the safety and stability of our neighborhoods, and fight to get our district out of the rut that it has been in for too long. We deserve better, let's demand better. 

Nassau County is spiraling into an affordability crisis, and the current leadership has done little to tackle this issue. I intend on working with County officials to create a plan to challenge this head on. Every resident in Nassau County deserves to be confident in their ability to afford to live here, to be able to plan a future here, and not worry about how they are going to afford another year here. The future of Nassau County relies heavily on the younger generation staying in the area and that cannot happen if we do not address this crisis and create a long lasting plan to correct it. 

Residential Inclusion & Transparency

Every single resident deserves to have their voice heard in their local government and to know exactly what decisions are being made. As your legislator, I will ensure that each and every resident will feel confident that their opinions, questions, and demands will be heard and acted upon. I will make it clear to district residents exactly what is happening within our district, how different policies will impact our district, and what residents should realistically expect from any changes that are to be made.

As the county re-opens and our roadways become more heavily populated once again, it's necessary that we make sure that these roadways are healthy and not a danger to those driving along them. Such improvements will be longer lasting, as I will make coordination with the proper utility providers as to when they will need to cut into the roadways to lay cables/wires a priority and will ensure expedient repair of necessary construction. Further, dedicated bicycle pathways on our main roads would provide a much safer alternative mode of transportation without having to worry so much about those sharing the road with them.


As we look towards the future, it is critical that we reduce our dependance on fossil fuels. Investing in green technology and the infrastructure to support it is one of the main actions we can take at the county level. We need to take the initiative to install electric vehicle charging ports in as many strategic places as possible to support widespread use of these vehicles as their prices become more affordable. I want to explore the different available options to expand our use of renewable energy in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint left by our county. 

Disaster Planning and Emergency Response

One of the most important issues that threatens the very future of our planet is climate change. Living on Long Island, we are particularly impacted by rising sea level and increased storm intensity. We must work to prepare for the inevitable and protect our homes from the next major storm or other natural disaster. I believe in investing in preventative coastal protection and flood mitigation upgrades, as well as developing a thorough and effective emergency response plan. I will vote in favor of efforts to reduce this county's contribution to global warming and work towards reducing our carbon footprint.

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